Part number : 938101C100 (93810-1C100)
Application model : Hyundai Click
Net weight : 0.030kg
Gross weight(in plastic bag) : 0.032kg

Before 6th Dec. 2005, 938205K000 (Hyundai SUPER TRUCK(8X4,10X4) 04 F/LIF) had been supplied.
Later the part number changed to 9381022100 (Kia Visto).
Before 18th Jan. 2012, 9381022100 has been supplied.
Now even you order 9381022100, the part number 938101C100 is supplied.

Made in Korea.
There is no manufacturer indication, but I think it’s produced by INFAC.
Because most of stop lamp switched are made by INFAC.
About INFAC, you can refer to my previous post :
INFAC web site :

More closed photos of 938101C100 :

There are 2 pins at its terminal, ㅓ form. (I don’t know how to describe the pins position look like in English)

This part is not sold so actively, but there is a stock in our warehouse so I decided to leave the information just in case.
93810-2E000 is more popular. It’s also made by INFAC.
I posted about 938102E000 here :