Today(5th of March 2019) I saw the news that Hyundai Autron and MN Soft will be merged.
It’s the second merger of Hyundai Group subsidiaries. The first was Hyundai Transys (it’s Hyundai Dymos and Powetech).

The original new article :

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the same article in English version.

Hyundai Autron :

Hyundai Autron logo
From Wikipedia

Hyundai Autron is established in 2012 for researching electronic control unit.

Hyundai Mn Soft logo
From Hyundai Mn Soft web site

Hyundai MN Soft :

Hyundai MN Soft is making navigation program. It was established in 1998 as the company name “Mando Map N Soft” and changed the name Hyundai MN Soft in 2011.