I saw original article here : https://blog.hmgjournal.com/Tech/reissue-New-Sonata.blg

Hyundai released New Sonata model finally.

신형 쏘나타의 후면부
Photo from https://blog.hmgjournal.com/Tech/reissue-New-Sonata.blg

Hyundai states that New Sonata has been applied a lot of new high technologies. It’s not a usual ‘car’, it’s a high tech device.

New Sonata is linked with driver’s smartphone. You can unlock the car with your smartphone(digital key) and all devices – audio, video, navigation are completely applied as you saved in smart phone.

Except this smart system, Hyundai applied Built-in-Cam, Premium Sound system, High performance tire, etc.

You can see more detailed information in English here : https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/2020-hyundai-sonata-design-new-york-auto-show/