Part number : 983705A000 (98370-5A000)
(Windshield washer motor and pump assembly)
Application model : Hyundai County
Net weight : 0.095kg
Net weight(in plastic bag) : 0.099kg
Gross weight(in box) : 0.122kg

Made in Korea.

More detailed photographs :

In the label, you can’t find the manufacturer information.
You can see the stick as below on the item :

Produced by Hyunil.
I found one web site about Hyunil Electronic.
As I see at this web site, this company is providing washer motor as well to Hyundai/Kia motor company.
Here is their history :
But here is another web site :
According to this web site, Hyunil became Beru Korea.
There is another web link but it’s not connected.

Most car manufacturers mount the washer pump near or inside the washer fluid reservoir. To locate your reservoir, simply follow the windshield washer hose. If your reservoir is located in the engine compartment, access is simple.

You can see many video clips in youtube how to fix it and where it is located.