0K2A618891 (0K2A6-18891)
Kia Sephia
Net weight : 0.054kg
Gross weight (in plastic bag) : 0.058kg

Made in Korea
Cannot find any manufacturer information on the label and item

Only KIA logo and HEC logo on the item.
I think it should be Mando or Continental.
Please share if you know the manufacturer.

Here are more closed photos :

At the terminal, there are 3 pins.

I don’t know what it means, but there is text : 2L07.
Maybe it’s related with cable material.

I just found it in our warehouse. Actually it’s not very fast moving part, but it’s good to have its information, right?

I checked “Crankshaft Angle sensor”
But Google shows me “Crankshaft Position sensor”
Both names are same, I guess.