Part number : 3922038030 (39220-38030)
Application model : Hyundai Grandeur XG
Net weight : 0.038kg
Gross weight : 0.044kg

Before 1st Feb. 2018, 39230-26700 had been supplied.
Even you order 39230-26700, now 39220-38030 is supplied.
If you order 39220-38020, also 39220-38030 is supplied. Be noted.


Made in Korea.
But there is no indication about manufacturer.
As I know, it’s produced by INZI controls.
You can refer to my previous post :
Its website :
INZI controls is producing most of water temperature sensors and thermostats for Hyundai/Kia, Korea GM.

There are 3 pins at the terminal.

The other side.

You can see the part number 38030

IAJ (I don’t know what it means)

You can find Hyundai and Kia logo on this sensor.

Also KHCO.
I think it’s initial of “Kong Hwa Corporation”. INZI’s old name in Kong Hwa (actually Gong Hwa is more correct pronunciation, anyway it’s same..)

On most vehicles, the coolant temperature sensor(CTS) can be found somewhere near the enginethermostat, which allows it to function optimally. … The sensor works by measuring the temperaturethat’s being given off by the thermostat and/or thecoolant itself. The temperature is then sent to the on-board control system.


You can find the location of a temperature sensor in the below video :

From 5:21 you can see, I think.