Seoul Motor Show is held in Ilsan Kintex, from 29th of March to 7th of April, 2019.

Here is a web site address of this show :

I don’t know why, the web site is not working very well in Chrome. So I visited by Explore. Be noted please.

I bought the ticket. It’s only KRW 7,000(about USD 6) for visitors.

If you know very well Korean language, you can buy ticket by application “Kintex” too. I bought via app.

Exhibition center – “Kintex” is very closed to my home. I was surprised because usually Seoul Motor show had been held in Coex, Samsung dong, Seoul (which is very expensive place)

It’s near by Daehwa metro station. The end of 3rd metro line, orange colored.

About Exhibitors of this show. You can search on the site.
I copied the list here :

1CzechInvestInternational Pavilionhttp://www.czechinvest.orgP-65
2Nowak / OBRISTInternational Pavilionhttp://www.nowak-partner.comP-64
3Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and EnergyInternational Pavilionhttp://www.bmwi.deP-63
4VDA QMCInternational Pavilionhttp://www.vda-qmc.deP-62
5Wieland Werke AGInternational Pavilionhttp://www.wieland.deP-61
6RA Consulting GmbHInternational Pavilionhttp://www.rac.deP-60
7Crain Communications GmbHInternational Pavilionhttp://www.craincom.deP-59
8Hitachi Automotive Systems Espelkamp GmbHInternational Pavilionhttp://www.hueco.comP-58
9Blitzoil GmbHInternational Pavilionhttp://www.blitzoil.comP-57
10WITOLInternational Pavilionhttp://www.witol.comP-56
11GEMMACON GmbHInternational Pavilionhttp://www.gemmacon.deP-55
12MOSOLF SE & Co. KGInternational Pavilionhttp://www.mosolf.comP-54
13NEUMAN ALUMINIUM FlieBpresswerk GmbHInternational Pavilionhttp://www.neuman.atP-53
14Frankische Industrial Pipes GmbH & Co. KGInternational Pavilionhttp://www.frankische-ip.comP-52
15WKW Erbsloh Automotive GmbHInternational Pavilionhttp://www.blitzoil.comP-51
16Department for International Trade, British Embassy SeoulInternational Pavilion
17Daijeon MachineryAuto Parts World – Two-wheeler
18Indian MotorcycleAuto Parts World – Two-wheelerhttp://www.indianmotorcycle.krB-01
19HONGBONETAuto Parts World – Accessories
20Western DigitalAuto Parts World – Accessories
21MAXSAVERAuto Parts World – Accessories
22Mijin bnl co.,ltdAuto Parts World – AccessoriesA-12
23TAECHOAuto Parts World – AccessoriesA-11
24Nudia Inc.,(CHAANE)Auto Parts World – Accessorieshttp://www.nudia.krA-09
25IROAD, INC(KADDAK)Auto Parts World –
26MELTING POINTAuto Parts World –
27K&H InternationalAuto Parts World – Accessorieshttp://www.만능tpms.krA-06
28YEOSUNG SUNG SAAuto Parts World – AccessoriesA-05
29SGS KoreaAuto Parts World – AccessoriesA-04
30AUTOCALLING CO Ltd.,Auto Parts World – Accessorieshttp://www.autocalling.asiaA-03
31DAEHAN MIDEA BANKAuto Parts World – Accessories
32Goldenbell Corp.Auto Parts World –
33FITI Testing & Research InstituteAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
34Auto Parts World – Auto PartsP-102
35Hancom MDS Inc.Auto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.hancommds.comP-98
36Seoul Middle Class Automobile Education Research SocietyAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.shinjin.hs.krp-97
37OCMOBILEAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
38AutoupCareAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.autoupcare.comP-86
39AutoupAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.autoup.netP-86
40CARSPACEAuto Parts World – Auto
41SEQUENCENAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.sequencen.comP-86
42CARBERSHOPAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.carbershop.comP-86
43Team YperAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
44IMAS Inc.Auto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.imaslab.comP-86
45rencarAuto Parts World – Auto
46CARSURIAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
47CARANGAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
48Janganpyeong Automotive CenterAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.jac.or.krP-86
49RO CO.,LTDAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.roturn.comP-82
50ALL THE TIMEAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.epikar.comP-81
51Calpos CorporationAuto Parts World – Auto PartsP-80
52DAUMTECHAuto Parts World – Auto PartsP-66
53KOMAT INTERNATIONAL CO.Auto Parts World – Auto PartsP-79
54Hankook Shell Oil Co., Ltd.Auto Parts World – Auto Parts
55T-ARTS KOREA CO., LTD.Auto Parts World – Auto Parts
56Seoul Robotics Co., LtdAuto Parts World – Auto Partsseoulrobotics.orgP-46
58PA.BAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.pabart.krP-44X
59SPAL AUTOMOTIVEAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.spalautomotive.comP-43
60SK NetworksAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
61CHABOTAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.chabot.krP-42
62BYD Auto Industry Company LimitedAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.byd.comP-40
63AIMBANAuto Parts World – Auto Partsaimban.comP-39
64CARIND ARK KOREAAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
65COB OILLESS BEARING KOREA Co. Ltd.Auto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.cob-bearing.comP-37
66J’car co.,ltd.Auto Parts World – Auto Parts
67KETIAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
68KOREAHITECH CO.,LTDAuto Parts World – Auto
69Korea Conformity LaboratoriesAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
70RO CO.,LTDAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.roturn.comP-32
71DaeSeung ENGAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.daeseunggms.comP-30
72JINHAPAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.jinhap.comP-29
73Xenics CreativeAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
74Eberspaecher Climate Control Systems GmbH & Co.KGAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
75JNSENG Inc.Auto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.jnseng.comP-26
76JATCO KOREAAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
77MYUNGHWA IND.CO.,LTDAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.myunghwa.comP-24
78MOBILTECHAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.mobiltech.ioP-23
79OndealAuto Parts World – Auto
80KAYA MEDIA CORPORATIONAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.kayamedia.comP-21
81DINEX INCAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.3dmats.krP-20
82MIGHTYMAuto Parts World – Auto Partsthefactorym.comP-19
83GRAMMER AGAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
84KUKDONG JEYENAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.jeyen.comP-15
85ILJINAuto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.iljin.comP-17
86THE BOOK COMPANYAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
87CAREXAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
88YURA CorporationAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
89NOBLEKLASSEAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
90RUPESAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
91AJOU MOTOR COLLEGEAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
92VANTECH Co.,ltdAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
933M KOREAAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
94DAEWON KANG UP CO., LTD.Auto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.dwku.comP-06
95KH-TECH.,Ltd.Auto Parts World – Auto Partskhoto.comP-05
96DUCK IL INDUSTRY CO.Auto Parts World – Auto Partsduck-il.comP-04
97ENABLE INTERNATIONAL INC.Auto Parts World – Auto Partshttp://www.niu-korea.comP-03
98CN MOTORSAuto Parts World – Auto PartsP-02
99HYUNDAI MOBISAuto Parts World – Auto Parts
100NISSANAuto Makers World
101LEXUSAuto Makers World
102HONDA KOREAAuto Makers World
103MINIAuto Makers World
104BMWAuto Makers World
105GENESISAuto Makers Worldhttp://www.genesis.comC-12
107MERCEDES-BENZAuto Makers World
108TOYOTAAuto Makers World
109MASERATIAuto Makers World
110LAND ROVERAuto Makers World
111JAGUARAuto Makers World
112DSAuto Makers World
113CITROENAuto Makers World
114PEUGEOTAuto Makers World
115PORSCHEAuto Makers World
116RenaultAuto Makers World
117Renault Samsung MotorsAuto Makers Worldhttp://www.renaultsamsungM.comC-04
118CHEVROLETAuto Makers World
119KIA MOTORSAuto Makers World
120SSANGYONGAuto Makers Worldhttp://www.smotor.comC-01
121Drone RC LandMobility WorldP-88
122WOW Future` Tech co., LTDMobility Worldhttp://www.wowdrone.krP-88
123Yeongwol Drone Flight Training CenterMobility WorldP-88
124ITMakers coop.Mobility World
125Highsky Inc.,Mobility Worldhttp://www.highdrone.netP-88
126Robot + Software FestivalMobility Worldhttp://hicomputing.orgP-87
127SNK MOTORSMobility Worldhttp://www.snkmotors.netEC-08
128TeslaMobility World
129POWERR PLAZA CO.,LTDMobility Worldhttp://www.powerplaza.comEC-06
130CAMMSYSMobility Worldhttp://www.cammsys.netEC-05
131Semisysco Co., Ltd.Mobility World
132DAECHANG MOTORSMobility World
133Gwangju Institute of Green-Car AdvancementMobility Worldhttp://www.gigca.or.krEC-02
134Master Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.Mobility World
135SK telecomConnected Worldhttp://www.sktelecom.comP-95
136Unmanned Solution Co.Connected Worldhttp://www.unmansol.comP-94
138Klinelex.Co.,LTDConnected Worldhttp://www.klinelex.comP-49
139NCM Co., LtdConnected Worldhttp://www.ncmvision.comP-48
140Sustainable WorldP-100
141Sustainable WorldP-99
142NoksaekDeurimCoop.Sustainable Worldhttp://www.greensolar.krP-85
143KEPCOSustainable World
144KOREA EAST-WEST POWER / UNISTSustainable WorldP-83
145Korea Automotive Technology Institute(KATECH)Sustainable World
146Katcon Korea Co., Ltd.International Pavilionhttp://www.katcon.comP-68
147JaliscoInternational Pavilion
148Amistad Industrial DevelopersInternational Pavilion
149San Luis PotosiInternational Pavilion
150Embassy of MexicoInternational Pavilion
151American Industries GroupInternational Pavilion
152Gobierno del Estado de ChihuahuaInternational Pavilion
153Grupo ProdensaInternational Pavilion
154Yucatan State GovernmentInternational Pavilion
155Sanchez Devanny AttorneysInternational Pavilion
156NESPRESSOFood-tainment Worldhttp://www.nespresso.comP-89
157BODYFRIENDFood-tainment World
158Orest (KINTEX 1)Food-tainment World
159Orest (KINTEX 2)Food-tainment World
160COZYMAFood-tainment Worldhttp://www.cozyma.comP-96
161MaximFood-tainment Worldhttp://www.maximkorea.netP-101
162Yoonseung galleryFood-tainment World

If you are engaged with auto parts business, this show is not very interesting, because it’s the show for domestic sales of cars.


The map is here:
I copied too :