Part number : 4270026700 (42700-26700)
Application model : Kia Soul
Net weight : 0.145kg
Net weight(in plastic bag) : 0.148kg
Gross weight(in box) : 0.170kg

Made in Korea.
Manufactured by LS Automotive.
About the manufacturer, you can refer to my previous post :
Or its web site :


Before 1st Feb.,
42700-26000 for Hyundai Avante MD and
42700-26500 for YF Sonata Hybrid were supplied.
Now even you order 4270026000/4270026500,
4270026700 is supplied.

You can see Hyundai/Kia logo and part number on the item.

There is a rubber cap at the terminal. You can see the indication “신세대. 6속”.
신세대 means New generation. 6속 – I guess it means 6 speed.

If you remove the cap, you can see the pins at the terminal as the below photo:

I took more photos of it without a cap.

Behind the item, you can see some text. I think those numbers are related to plastic material.

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