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  • Company Name : MS Autotech Co., Ltd.
  • Group : MS Autotech
  • CEO : Lee, Taegyu / Go, Changhyeon
  • Type of business : Manufacturing the new automotive body parts
  • Business contents : Manufacturing and sales of auto parts for car body(Cowl Inner Low, Wheel house, Extence, Front Side Member)
  • Form of company : KOSDAQ company, Middle-sized company, External audit company, export/import company
  • Established dated : 1990. Sep. 6th
  • Number of Employee : 265 (2018)
  • Sales turnover : KRW 245,348,920,000 (2018)
  • Capital : KRW 1,362,510,000 (2018)
  • Business Profit : KRW -592,170,000(2018)
  • Representative Tel. +82-54-770-1810
  • Web site :
  • om/
  • Address : 16-9, Poseok-ro, Naenam-myeon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea

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Company History
According to the website : and site, since the company website has not updated since 2012


Apr. Established Myeongshin Ind. Co. Ltd. (in Gyeongju)


Sep. Established Taemyeong Ind. Co., Ltd. (in Gyeongju)


Jul. Established Myeongshin Co., Ltd.


Sep. Achived 100PPM for all items


Dec. Awarded Grand Presidential prize of Harmony of labor and management


May. Distinguished the silver graded Industrial medal of Harmony of labor and management


Nov. Established Daedeok Mobile Co., Ltd.
Dec. Company name changed from Taemyeong Ind. Co., Ltd. to MS Autotech Co., Ltd.


Mar. Certified of Research Institute
Sep. Certified QS-9000  Quality system


May. Company name changed from Daedeok Mobile Co., Ltd. to One Moile Co., Ltd
Dec. Designated Good Informative Company


Dec. Awarded Grand prize of Auto parts industry by Hyundai Motor Group


Feb. Certified ISO/TS 16949
Jun. Certified ISO 14001


Dec. Awarded Minister prize for Quality management


Nov. Certified Quality competitive company by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy


Oct. Started construction of local factory in India(MSI)
Nov. Awarded Presidential prize for Quality management


Nov. Distinguished the gold graded Industrial medal of Quality Management


Jan. Established local factory in Brazil(MSB)
Feb. Achieved Technology 5 Stars by Hyundai Motor Group.


Jun. Designated Good Technology Research Center
Nov. Designated KB hidden star
Awarded Prim minister prize of Accompanied Growth
Dec. Awarded tower prize for Exporting USD 100 million
Appointed CEO : Lee, Taegyu / Go, Changhyeon


Jan. Designated Best 100 companies for creation of jobs
Aug. Achieved Quality 5 Stars by Hyundai/Kia Motor Group.


Jan. Myeongshin Ind. Co., Ltd merged with One Mobile Co., Ltd.
Feb. Registered as 1st supplier for Ssangyong Motor company.


Nov. Awared Minister prize for ATC Technology innovation
Capital increased(from KRW 4,100 million to KRW 6,300 million)
Dec. Capital increased(from KRW 6,300 million to KRW 7,000 million)


Sep. Capital increased(from KRW 7,000 million to KRW 7,300 million)


Nov. Designated Special Growth in FTA by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
De. Capital increased(from KRW 7,300 million to KRW 13,600 million)


Jun. Myeongshin Ind. Co., Ltd. divided personnel into Myeongshin Ind. Co., Ltd. and Myeongshin Hwangseong Co., Ltd.
Aug. Comprehensive exchange of shares (transferred to subsidiary company – affiliate corporation of Shimwon Tech)