Today I visited Kintex for Seoul Motor Show.

The entrance of the exhibition.

I started from 29th of March. 7th of April is the last day of the show.
But toooooooo many people visited the show.

I wanted to took a photo of car but it was almost impossible because of crowds.
Below is Mercedes Benz’s booth

Even KEPCO is here.
Kepco is “Korea Electric Power Corporation” – public enterprise.

First time I saw KATECH. Now sure if it’s really related with auto parts, as I see the booth.

Renault Samsung’s booth:

Kia’s booth:

Kia is displaying AI program, that it read your mood and motion.
But one of them is being repaired.

If you go inside, the machine read your face. Unfortunately. I could take a photo when it reads someone’s face.

Kia’s new car (I think) :

Behind the car, you can see Black Pink, K-Pop star.

Maserati’s booth:

Jaguar’s booth:

Chevrolet’s booth.
(I don’t know this boy but by mistake I took his photo. Sorry.)

Peugeot and Citroen’s booth:

Porsche’s booth:

British embassy’s booth:

Ssangyong’s booth:

Here is Master’s booth.
First time I saw this company. It is a car maker in Korea, except Hyundai/Kia, GM, Ssangyong, Samsung.

They are making Electric cars.

Even they have been rewarded during 10 years. But I saw this company and brand first time.


And Hyundai MOBIS also participated.

They showed AI program and Automatic Driving car.

CN Motors’ booth.

Daewon Spring’s booth. It’s OEM manufacturer.

I don’t know why, 3M also participated with the booth.

Another new car maker for me.

Deachang Motors in Korean language.
Brand name is Danigo.

I surprise that there is E Mart logo. Did they invest to automotive business?

Noble Klasse’ booth:

Another auto parts related booth. YURA corporation :

Iljin booth. Also OEM manufacturer.

Iljin makes bearings. I will post about it one day.

Kukdong Jeyeon booth. It’s also one of the OEM lubricant manufacturer.

Myunghwa’s booth.

Actually I don’t know about this company. The display shows that they are making electric oil pump. I will check and post about them later.

Jatco’s booth.

By the map, here is auto parts business booth, but I couldn’t find interesting information.

I finished to look up 1st hall, so I went to 2nd hall.

I needed to cross the street to reach 2nd hall.

Too many people visited this show. It seems like a festival.

When I came into the 2nd hall, Lexus displayed :

Honda booth:

Genesis booth :

At the entrance of Hyundai Booth, there was a hologram video. It was pretty interesting.

In side Hyundai Booth:

They were doing Quiz show.

And experience event for Zero Gravity seat.

They present solar roof on hybrid car.

They showed how to work with Digital Key.

Hyundai made even a advertisement for digital key.

BMW booth:

Korean people love BMW and Benz.

It seems it’s a new model of BMW

I had no time to visit this show earlier. I bought 2 tickets for me and my husband, but my husband was ill today so he couldn’t make it. By the way MOBIS auto driving car was quite impressive.
I will post again after I visited other automotive shows. Thank you for visit and reading my post! 🙂