• Company Name : Seoyon E-Hwa Co., Ltd.
  • Group : Seoyon
  • CEO : Kim, Geunshik
  • Type of business : Manufacturing the new automotive steering and suspension system
  • Business contents : Manufacturing and whole sales of auto parts, technology service
  • Form of company : Middle-sized company
  • Established dated : 2014. Jul. 1st
  • Number of Employee : 952 (2018)
  • Sales turnover : KRW 93,667,000,000 (2018)
  • Capital : KRW 13,510,000,000 (2018)
  • Business Profit : KRW 3,840,000,000(2018)
  • Representative Tel. +82-2-3484-4100
  • Web site : http://www.seoyoneh.com/
  • Address : 3F, 330, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Information from : http://www.jobkorea.co.kr

Company History
According to the website :
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Nov. 2018Selected as the company with excellent quality competitiveness (11 consecutive years)(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
Mar. 2018Assan Hanil won the Best Supplier Silver Award in 2017 by Ford Turkey Factory
Dec. 2017Received SPE ’2017 Finalist’ award for natural cork film
Dec. 2017Obtained HKMC Quality/Technology/Delivery 5 Star
Nov. 2017Selected as the company with excellent quality competitiveness (10 consecutive years)(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
Sep. 2017Established Seoyon E-Hwa Automotive Anantapur Private Limited
May. 2017Winner of the grand prize of the 1st midsized company of the Year (Overseas advancement division)
Jan. 2017Winner of the 2nd Korea’s Best Management award in the Social contribution management division
Dec. 2016Winner of “500 Million Dollar Export Tower”
Nov. 2016Selected as the company with excellent quality competitiveness (9 consecutive years)(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
Oct. 2016Grand prize of the 2016 Korea Economic Leader Award (2 consecutive years) (Economist)
Mar. 2016Selected as one of the top 100 company for employment creation in 2015
Mar. 2016Winner of the 79th IR52 Jang Youngsil award
Feb. 2016Seoyon E-Hwa Slovakia acquired EFQM 5Sta(European Quality management Foundation)
Feb. 2016Seoyon E-Hwa R&D Center transferred to Pyeongchon
Jan. 2016Changed corporate name to Seoyon E-Hwa Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2015Selected as “National Quality Master Craftsman” (Presidential Award)
Nov. 2015Selected as a company with outstanding quality competitiveness (8 years) (Ministry of Trade, Energy and Industry)
Nov. 2015SPE Innovation Awards for C/PAD IMX technology
Nov. 2015Won 2015 Grand Prize for Social Contribution (from Minister of Employment and Labor)
Nov. 2015Establiched BAIC Hanil (Changzhou) and BAIC Hanil (Chongqing) (China)
Oct. 2015Won 2015 Korean Economic Leader Award (The Economist)
Jul. 2015Won 2015 Digital Vehicle Development Competition
Apr. 2015Obtained New Technology (NET) Certification
Dec. 2014Designated 2014 Great Work Place Award
Dec. 2014Obtained HKMC Quality/Technology/Delivery 5 Star
Nov. 2014Hanil Slovakia Won 2014 Slovakia National Quality Award
Oct. 2014Established Hanil Automotive Mexico
Sep. 2014Won Industrial Innovation 3.0 Excellent Sponsor Award
Aug. 2014Won Gold Medal at 40th National Quality Team Competition
Jul. 2014Spin-Off, Seoyon (Holding Company) / Hanil E-Hwa
Jun. 2014Won 2014 Korean Creative Economy Award (Creative Management)
Apr. 2014Obtained New Technology (NET) Certification
Mar. 2014Won 2014 Korean Creative Management (Global Management) Award
Dec. 2013Obtained AEO(Export) Certification
Dec. 2013Won 2013 CEO of the Year Award (Global Management)
Dec. 2013Won 2014 Korean CEO Leadership Award (Quality Management)
Dec. 2013Won ‘Neighbourly Love’ Philanthropy Group Award
Oct. 2013Designated as Excellent Social Reponsibility Corporation (L-CSRI)
Oct. 2013Won Presidential Award at the National Quality Control Team Competition
Oct. 2013Obtained OHSAS 18001 Certification
Nov. 2012Won Export Tower Award of 4 hundred million dollars
Nov. 2012Designated as Quality Competitive Company for 7 consecutive years (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Jan. 2012Obtained the H/KMC Grand Quality 5-star
Nov. 2011Won Export Tower Award of 3 hundred million dollars
Oct. 2011Designated as Quality Competitive Company for 6 consecutive years (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Jun. 2011Obtained H/KMC 5-Star for Quality/Technology/Delivery (12 consecutive years)
Dec. 2010Obtained New Technology (NET) Certification
Nov. 2010Obtained the Slovakian National Quality Award (Hanil E-Hwa Slovakia Corp.)
Nov. 2010Won the Knowledge & Economy Minister Award for Man of Merit at the National Quality Management Match
Nov. 2010Won Presidential Award in case study field at the National Quality Control Team Competition
Oct. 2010Designated as Quality Competitive Company for 5 consecutive years (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Aug. 2010Established Hanil India R&D Center (India)
Jun. 2010Won 5 Stars for HMC/KMC Quality/Technology/Delivery (11 consecutive years)
Apr. 2010Established German R&D Office
Apr. 2010Established Hanil E-Hwa Interior Systems Georgia Inc. (United States)
Feb. 2010Established Liaoning Hanil Jinxing Automotive Seat Co., Ltd. (China)
Jan. 2010Established Hanil Interior do Brazil
May 2009Won the 6th Automotive Day Presidential Award for Man of Merit
Nov. 2008Won the National Quality Award (6 Sigma Innovation Prize)
Nov. 2008Established Hanyang Automotive India
Mar. 2008Executed preemptive rights for bond with warrant (total capital 19,707,926 won)
Feb. 2008Obtained 5 Stars in Technology, Quality, and Delivery for 3 consecutive years (HMC, KMC)
Nov. 2007Won the Gold Prize for DFSS Best Company (HMC)
July 2007Established Beijing Hanil R&D Center (China)
Jan. 2007Added Dooyang Ind. as a subsidiary
Nov. 2006Added Hanil Automotive India PVT. Ltd. as a subsidiary
Nov. 2006Established Hanyang Automotive India Private Limited
Nov. 2006Designated as Quality Competitive Company for 3 consecutive years (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Jun. 2006KSA 6 Sigma Company Grand Prize
Sept. 2005Established Beijing Hanil Automotive, Tech Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2005KSA Grand Prize for Production Innovation
Jun. 2005Won the HMC/KMC Quality 5-Star
May 2005Established Hanil E-Hwa Interior Systems Alabama, L.L.C
May 2005Won Grand Prize for International Standard System Management
Dec. 2004Established Hanil E-Hwa Automotive Slovakia s.r.o
Nov. 2004Single PPM Certification by the Small and Medium Business Administration
Oct. 2004Won the Science & Technology Minister Award for Best Corporate R&D Center
Jul. 2004Nominated Quality Competitive Company (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
May 2004btained HMC/KMC Technology 5-Star
Mar. 2004Obtained ISO/TS 16949 Certification
Feb. 2004Won HMC/KMC Grand Prize for the year’s Partner Company
Dec. 2003Obtained ISO 14001 Certification
Dec. 2003Established Beijing Hanil Automotive Trim Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2002Established Shinhan Plasto (India)
Jun.2002Established Jiangsu Hanil Auto Plastic Parts Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2000Signed technical assistance contract with IRAN KHODRO Co. for interior factory construction
Feb. 2000Introduced TPM
Dec. 1999Obtained the certification of QS9000
Apr. 1999Took over a part of business rights of Hanil Interior Co., Ltd. (Currently, Asan Plant)
Jan. 1999Signed technical assistance contract for trim & seat development and production with Assan-Hanil (Turkey)
Nov. 1998Won the Silver-Tower Industrial Medal for innovation of quality management (Chairman Ryu Hee Chun)
Nov. 1997Won the Quality Management Award (Presidential Award)
Oct. 1996Established joint venture company ASSAN-Hanil (Turkey)
Aug. 1996Obtained 100PPM Certification : Small and Medium Business Administration
June 1995Certification of ISO 9001 (Korea Management Association)
Feb. 1995Signed technical assistance contract with KBU Co.(Indonesia) for bus seat R&D
Jan. 1995Registered as part supplier for Korean-Chinese mid-size planes : Ministry of Trade and Industry
May 1994Established Hanil Interior Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1993Designated as 1st Class Company of Quality Management : Industrial Advancement Administration
Oct. 1991Signed technology introduction contract with Kasai Kogyo Co. Ltd. (Japan) – passenger vehicle trim forming method
Feb. 1988Initial public offering : Public offering total capital 25 hundred million won
Feb. 1987Established TOP Metal Co., Ltd.
May 1985Signed technology introduction contract with Tenryu Industries Co.,Ltd (Japan) – bus seat design, manufacturing technology
Feb. 1985pproved as Promising Small & Medium Business – Small & Medium Business Corporation
Jan. 1984Established Ilyang Ind. (Now, NVH KOREA)
Mar. 1983Signed technology introduction contract with Ikeda Co. (Japan) – passenger vehicle interior design, manufacturing technology
Aug. 1978Joined Korea Auto Industries Coop. Association
Jan. 1976Started production of Pony passenger car’s interior products and bus seats
July 1975Constructed Ulsan Plant
Apr. 1972Established Hanil E-Hwa Co., Ltd.