Part number : 938103K000 (93810-3K000)
Application model : Hyundai TG Grandeur
Net weight : 0.039kg

Because it’s came from OE manufacturer, there is no MOBIS package.
So I couldn’t weigh the gross weight ( item + box package )

Made in Korea.
Manufactured by INFAC.
About the manufacturer, you can refer to my previous post :
INFAC website :

You can see Hyundai/Kia logo,
and some numbers ( I think it’s about plastic )

There are 4 pins in the terminal.

It is supplied with nut.

There are old part numbers which had been used.

9381032000 Hyundai Sonata(88′)
9381032001 Hyundai Marcia
9381038100 Hyundai XG Grandeur
9381038110 Hyundai XG Grandeur
938101C800 Hyundai Click
938102H000 Hyundai New Avante

All above part numbers are supplied in 93810-3K000 now.
Interesting thing is the form of each part is different. I will post about 938101C800 next time, for example.

Even you can use 93810-3K000 for Ssangyong.
I have Ssangyong part which is just same with 93810-3K000, only the color is different.
It’s 85710-08000 for Ssangyong Actyon

As you see, you can find Ssangyong logo and INFAC logo.

The size is exactly same with 93810-3K000.
There are also 4 pins at the terminal.
Only color and net weight is different.


It’s 0.036kg. The difference is 0.003kg.
I think it’s because of plastic material.
I noted that the number is different. Here, you can check out :


Maybe it’s related with plastic color, or hardness. If you know about it, please share it with your comment!

By Ssangyong part number, it’s universal, I think . 85710-08000 is supplied for below part numbers :

8571005030X for Ssangyong Musso
8571005020X for Ssangyong New Korando
8571005030 for Ssangyong Actyon
8571008001 for Ssangyong Chairman
8571008010 for Ssangyong New Korando