Part number : 938101C800 (93810-1C800)
Application model : Hyundai Click
Net weight : 0.040kg

Actually, 938101C800 became old part number. No longer using this number.
As I posted about it, now only 93810-3K000 is supplied, even you place the order 93810-1C800.
Refer to my previous post about 938103K000 :
Interesting thing : the form of 938103K000 and 938101C800 are different, as you see the photographs. But 938103K000 is used universally.

It is also made in Korea.
Manufactured by MIRAE, not INFAC.

As I know, the full name of manufacturer is MIRAE HITECH. But there are many companies who has the same company name. I checked in Google, but it seems they don’t have even its company web site.

4 pins at the terminal.

I remember that I visited MIRAE HITECH last year, April 16th. It’s located in Bucheon city, Gyeonggido province. They are producing this switch without Hyundai/Kia logo to sell the other company except Hyundai/Kia.

I have a sample of them so I compare 2 parts.
Except the color, everything is just exactly same.

As you see, they blank the logo.

I noted that >PA66+GF30< marks are same. I don’t know why.

Next time I will post about the company : Mirae Hitech.