Part number : 954402M420 (95440-2M420)
Part name : FOB-SMART KEY
Application model : Hyundai Genesis(Coupe)
Net weight : 0.034kg
Net weight(with plastic packages) : 0.036kg
Gross weight(in box) : 0.045kg

Made in Korea.
Manufactured by Continental Automotive System.
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954402M420 FOB-SMART KEY

Smart key fob for Hyundai Genesis.

Behind you can find the sticker.

Continental logo
‘Please remove this label’

2M420 is the part of Hyundai OE number.
I don’t know what 363181295152 means. I guess it may be an own product number of continental.

More photos (side view) :

Here you can change your key blade.

Are smart key fobs broken easily? I’m wondering why there is quite high demand of remote key and smart key fob. May be people lose it often?
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