Part number : 9703508000 (97035-08000)
Part name : RESISTOR
Application model : Kia Soul
Net weight: 0.056kg
Gross weight(covered bubble wrap in box) : 0.075kg

Made in Korea.
Manufactured by Hanon System.
You can refer to my previous post about the manufacturer :
Or Hanon System website :

You can see the logo “HCC” on the item.
Before, the company name was HCC. Later it changed to HVCC.
Now it’s HANON.

Most of resistors are packed very simple, without any buffer materials.
But I found 97035-08000 is wrapped with bubble wrap as the below photo:

9703508000 RESISTOR

There are more resistors produced by Hanon system.
I have posted about them. You can refer to my previous post :