Part number : 985102G000 (98510-2G000)
(Windshield washer motor and pump assembly)
Application model : Hyundai New Avante
Net weight : 0.087kg
Net weight(in plastic bag) : 0.089kg
Gross weight(in box) : 0.107kg

Made in Korea
Manufactured by Denso Korea Automotive
You can refer to my previous post, if you want to know more about the manufacturer :
Denso Korea Automotive web site :

You can find Hyundai / Kia logo as well as Denso Korea Automotive logo.

12V 7A20

DNPS is logo of Denso Poongsung.
Now, the name of company Denso Poongsung has been changed into Denso Korea Automotive.

The bottom side of 98510-2G000

The upper side of 98510-2G000

The closed photo of its terminal. There are 2 pins.

Actually this part has not exported to USA from my company. However I have it in stock so I decided to leave some information about it. Why not? 🙂

To USA, I had exported a lot of 98510-1W000.
You can read the information about 98510-1W000 here :
SMP(Standard Motor Products) had been importing 98510-1W000 washer motors from Korea to USA. After 2018, I got a official letter from SMP. They asked all suppliers to decrease the price 10~20% because of increase custom fee.
Now the condition become more tight, so it’s quite difficult to deal with them.
SMP was used to place the order a lot of 98510-1W000 because it’s broken very easily when they have blizzard in winter.
“Because of blizzard, we need this part”
I confused the word “blizzard” as video game company. I was asking by myself why Blizzard company need this washer motor 🙂