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  • Company Name : During (Plus) Co., Ltd.
  • CEO : Lee, Byeongyu
  • Type of business : Manufacturing the other new automotive parts
  • Business contents : Manufacturing automotive parts, engine electronic parts, telecommunication parts, electronic components, semiconductor
  • Form of company : Middle small sized company, corporation, export/import company
  • Established dated : 1987. Dec. 1st
  • Number of Employee : 52 (2018)
  • Sales turnover : KRW 19,529,970,000 (2018)
  • Capital : KRW 400,000,000 (2018)
  • Business Profit : KRW 616,400,000 (2018)
  • Representative Tel. +82-32-899-7806
  • Web site :
  • Address : 25, Cheongneung-daero 448beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

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Company History
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  • 2018
    DEC. Best Partner Prize (Product) by HYUNDAI KEFICO
    MAY. DURING CEO won a Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
  • 2017
    NOV. Certified as a Medium growth ladder company by Incheon city
    NOV. Selected as an excellent job creation company from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
    MAY. Certified as business administration innovation, technology innovation by Small & medium Business Corporation
  • 2016
    DEC. Certified by HYUNDAI KEFICO Information Reporting System
    AUG. Established DURING SEOSAN Plant
  • 2015
    DEC. Selected as an excellent job creation company from Industrial Bank of Korea
    APR. Awarded from the CEO of Namdong-gu Office in Incheon
  • 2014
    DEC. Won a Prize for Top of Export ($ 20 Mil)
    OCT. Run the DURING 2nd Plant
  • 2013
    JUN. Selected as the best SQ Supplier from HYUNDAI KEFICO
  • 2012
    DEC. Selected as the vision company from Incheon city
    DEC. Selected as the best export company from Industrial Bank of Korea
    FEB. Selected as the best quality supplier from MANDOHELLA
  • 2011
    NOV. Certified ISO14001
    SEP. Won the Revolution of technology Award from YURATECH
    MAR. Selected as the exemplary tax company from Incheon Tax Office
  • 2010
    DEC. Merged DURING LMT
    APR. Established DURING VIETNAM
    MAR. Won the Minister of Knowledge Economy Award (Excellence Consulting Division)
  • 2009
    JUN. Selected as the excellence in contracts and consignments
  • 2008
    DEC. Selected as the best quality supplier from HYUNDAI KEFICO
    AUG. Won the Sensata Tehcnologies Glboal Supplier Excellence award
    APR. Small & medium Business Enterprise Certification
  • 2006
    NOV. Won the Prize for Top of Export ($10 Mil)
    OCT. Established the DURING LMT
    JAN. Established the DURING CHINA
  • 2005
    DEC. Selected as a KCGF-Partner by Credit Guarantee Fund
    OCT. Certified by TS16949
    APR. Won the Incheon Metropolitan City CEO`s award (A proud businessman)
  • 2004
    MAY. Won the Prime Minister’s Award (Best Manager Division)
  • 2003
    DEC. Selected as the Best company from Small & medium Business Corporation
    DEC. Established DURING R&D Center
    SEP. Moved to Namchon-dong Industrial Complex
  • 2002
    DEC. Certified with SQ Mark from HYUNDAI&KIA MOTORS
    SEP. Selected as the Best Supplier from HYUNDAI AUTONET
    APR. Won The Minister of Labor`s Award (employment of disabled people)
  • 2001
    SEP. Certified with QS9000, ISO9002
  • 2000
    OCT. Renamed as DURING Ltd.
  • 1997
    DEC. Selected as the best Supplier from Texas Instruments Korea
  • 1987
    OCT. Established We-Sung Precision