Part number : 81996J9000 (81996-J9000)
Part name : KEY-INSERT
Application model : Hyundai Kona
Net weight : 0.009kg
Gross weight(in plastic bag) : 0.010kg

Made in Korea.
Manufactured by Sambo A&T.
If you want to know more about the manufacturer, you can refer to my previous post :
Or Sambo A&T website:

81996J9000 KEY-INSERT

My staff took more detailed photo.

Actually, it’s just a piece of metal, not very interesting.
There are another part number 81996-S1000
By sight, you can’t understand if both are different part. I will post about it next time.

I can’t say that there are high demands on 81996-J9000 but it’s requested constantly. Collecting rate is not so good. If I order 30 pcs, suppliers will bring only 5-10 pcs.