Part number : 81996S1000 (81996-S1000)
Part name : KEY-INSERT
Application model : Hyundai Santa Fe
Net weight : 0.009kg
Gross weight(in plastic bag) : 0.010kg

Made in Korea.
Manufactured by Sambo A&T.
If you want to know more about the manufacturer, you can refer to my previous post :
Or Sambo A&T website:

My staff took more detailed photo.

As I promised, I post about 81996-S1000 to compare with 81996-J9000.

Post about 81996-J9000 :

81996S1000 KEY-INSERT

Even the number on the item is the same – “752”
I was really wondering how the key masters know the difference of the each.
If you know about it, please share the information by comments 🙂