Part number : 3515026960 (35150-26960)
Application model : Hyundai New Verna
Net weight : 0.173kg

Since it’s OEM parts, there was no box package, I couldn’t weigh Gross weight. If I have a chance to weigh MOBIS box, I will update it.

As you can see, on the item there is Hyundai/Kia and Kefico logo.
It’s made in Korea. Manufactured by Hyundai Kefico.

My previous post about Kefico:
Kefico website :

I found the function of an idle speed actuator in Wikipedia.

An idle air control actuator or idle air control valve (IAC actuator/valve) is a device commonly used in fuel-injected vehicles to control the engine’s idling rotational speed(RPM). In carburetted vehicles a similar device known as an idle speed controlactuator is used.


I’m not sure if it’s the same part of the posted item. Please leave your comment if I understood wrongly.

Here I found another article about an idle actuator :

Hope my post is helpful for you.

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