Part number : 598303Q000 (59830-3Q000)
Application model : Hyundai YF Sonata
Net weight : 0.121kg
Net weight(in plastic bag) : 0.128kg
Gross weight(in box) : 0.173kg

Made in Korea.
I couldn’t find any manufacturer information on the item, neither on the label.

You can find MOBIS, Hyundai/Kia logo and part number 59830-3Q000
and remark 6L08

At the terminal I found a remark.

You can see KET.

As I searched in Google, KET may means : Korea Electric Terminal
Web site :

The terminal may be manufactured by KET. But I hardly can say the ABS sensor has been manufactured by KET, because the sensor manufacturer could buy the terminal from KET and assemble.

The end of another side :

I found another remark : YFAFR
but it doesn’t give any information.

Most of ABS sensor produced by Mando, Continental and Goryeo Electronics.
I guess one of them is the manufacturer of 59830-3Q000.
If you know more about this item, please share by comments 🙂

Thank you for your attention.