Part number : 952303A400 (95230-3A400)
Application model : Hyundai Trajet XG
Net weight : 0.031kg
Gross weight(in plastic bag) : 0.032kg

Made in Korea.
Manufactured by OMRON KOREA
My previous post about the manufacturer :
OMRON KOREA website :

Before 2012. Jan. 31st,
0K20118811 RELAY-N.O.30A for Kia Sepia
952303A200 RELAY ASSY-MINI for Hyundai Equus
the above parts had been supplied.
Now, even you order 0K201-18811 or 95230-3A200
item 95230-3A400 will be supplied.

As you see on the item you can find Hyundai/Kia logo and OMRON’s as well.

DC12V 30A

The terminal has 4 pins.

You can see some numbers and letters – KOREA, OMRON, 8/a

Some of relays have a kind of schema of currency, but this item has not.

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