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About me

Hi,  everyone. Здравствуйте.
My name is Yoojeong Yang. In English Julia. In Russian Юлия.

Since 2009 I have worked in trading company, as a sales manager.
I joined to auto parts business field from 2010.
From 2010 to 2013 I sold new buses brand Daewoo(now it’s Zyle Auto) to Russia. From 2014 up to now, I’m exporting auto parts to overseas.
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About the site

This site is My personal blog for whom need desperately information about Korean auto parts
There are many web site about Korean auto parts, but most of them are B2B /B2C shopping or website membership plan. Some of them are not based on Korean company.
There is no site about information purely.
I have worked for Auto parts business field since 2010. Current 5 year, I have studied about automotive sensor and electronic parts intensively.
I’d like to share my information with people and really want to hear the other’s information which I never heard in this blog.
By this way, the accumulated information in this blog will assist people who is looking for it.
Let’s share the information!

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