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    Today is Korean national Holiday which calls “Gae Cheon Jeol”

    Here is Wikipedia link about Gaecheonjeol : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaecheonjeol

    “Gae” means “Openning”

    “Cheon” means “Sky”

    “Jeol” means date.

    It’s a day of foundation of Gojoseon (ancient Korea, I can say) by Dangun Wanggeom.  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangun)

    Ancient Korean thought that Dangun, who is the son of God, came to us and founded the country.

    As you see the above picture, there is a story.

    A tiger and a bear came to Dangun and asked how to become human.

    Dangun told them they have to eat only garlic and mugwort without seeing sunshine during 100 days.

    The tiger couldn’t stand it and ran away, and the bear kept her patience and finally she became a human.

    Dangun married with the bear who became a beautiful woman. So ancient Korean believe that they are descendants of Dangun.

    But I believe in Jesus so I can’t say that it’s true or not, by the way it was good to have a day off 🙂


    How was your day?

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