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Hyundai Transys win KRW 1,000,000,000,000 contract

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I saw the news article here On 22th May 2019, Hyundai Transys signed contract with Rivian, which is a start-up company of electric cars, for supplying car seats. The amount [...]

Hyundai Transys’s New start in Shanghai Motor Show

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Original News article from Hyundai Motor Group Journal blog: Date : April 19th 2019 Hyundai Transys participated in 2019 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, presenting its new start as [...]

Hyundai Transys will establish 2nd factory in India

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Hyundai Transys Chennai factoryPhoto from Original news article dated 20th of Feb. 2019 : Hyundai Transys will establish 2nd factory in Chennai, India(Hyundai Transys is new merged corporation [...]

Hyundai Transys (Hyunai Dymos)

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Hyundai Dymos Jigok factory (photo from : Company Name : Hyundai TransysCEO :  Yeo, SoodongGroup : Hyundai Motor GroupType of business : Manufacturing new automotive partBusiness contents : Manufacturing / [...]

Established Hyundai Transys (Hyundai Dymos+Powertech)

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3rd Jan. 2019 I heard that the joint corporation will be established in new company name "Hyundai Transys" - Hyundai Dymos and Hyundai Powertech combined. Original article in Korean : [...]