13th Jan. 2019, I found the news that there is supplying issue of Peugeot parts. Original new article in Korean language : http://www.dmilbo.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=250114

There is general dissatisfaction with the imported cars in Korea
after BMW explosion incident.

In 18th Dec. one of the Maserati car owners (luxury sport car) has been arrested on assault on a car dealer because of dissatisfaction on A/S service.

Additionally, there is lack of A/S parts for Peugeot car.
2 month ago, a car owner went to a service center of air conditioning system of his Peugeot car. But the service center responded that it’s impossible to repair because there is no part for it. Until now the car owner have no his car repaired.

A/S center worker informed that he has ordered several time to a headquarter but the order is pended. He says he doesn’t know the reason of this delay. He will not know the process until the end of January. The reporter asked the contact number of the headquarter, but he said he doesn’t know it.

According to one of the mechanic of service center said “The problem is that the price of A/S part of imported cars is expensive. More problem is lack of A/S parts. Especially Peugeot parts – difficult to get it, and the price is much higher for general repair center than the authorized repair center.”

In my opinion, Korean media try to present the bad points of the imported cars because of Korean car makers sales is decreased.
The sales of imported cars in Korea is increasing now. The prices of imported cars are much affordable than past. People are not very loyal for Korean Car brand as before.