463133B600 VALVE-SOLENOID 46313-3B600 / Hyundai TG Grandeur

Net weight (without plastic pack and paper box) : 0.095kg

Net weight (without box) : 0.097kg

Gross weight (with box) :0.111kg

Before 2nd May 2016. the part number was 463133B000.

In comparison with 463133B030 ( https://koreapartsinfo.com/2018/10/18/463133b030-valve-solenoid-hyundai-tg-grandeur )

Both parts are for TG Grandeur but as you see the photo, it looks different.

Additionally, its producer is UNICK, not Kefico.


You can see the text “UNICK” on the part. And the label indicates it is made in Korea


UNICK is one of the biggest manufacturers of solenoid valve for auto transmission.

They supply to Hyundai and GM as well. Almost 70% of solenoid valve of MOBIS are from UNICK.

Here is their web site : http://www.unick.co.kr/eng.asp

I have read that they supply to Japan JECO and TOSOK, so I guess they produce parts for Japanese car too. But I’m now sure since it’s difficult to get Japanese car parts in Korea.

If someone know, please comment to me 🙂