Part number : 3933026301 (39330-26301)
Part name : SENSOR-MAP
Application model : Hyundai Verna
Net weight (in plastic bag) : 0.028kg
Gross weight : 0.040kg

3933026301 MAP SENSOR

Made in Korea
Produced by Hyundai Kefico
About Kefico, I posted in my previous post :
Kefico website :

There are hyundai, Kia, Kefico logo,
Part number 39330-26301
and 9 470 930 008 (I don’t what kind of numbers are)

More photographs of this map sensor :

The terminal has 4 pins:

Engines that use a MAP sensor are typically fuel injected. The manifold absolute pressure sensor provides instantaneous manifold pressure information to the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU). … Engine speed (RPM) and air temperature are also necessary to complete the speed-density calculation.

From Wikipedia :

You can see the below youtube video clip about map sensor’s function.