463133B665 VALVE-SOLENOID 46313-3B665 / Hyundai YF Sonata Hybrid

The part number was 463133B060(Hyundai TG Grandeur) but it changed as  463133B660(Hyundai TG Grandeur).

And later 463133B661(Hyundai YF Sonata).  Now it’s 46313B665.

Net weight without any packages : 0.102kg

Net weight with plastic pack : 0.103kg

Gross weight with box : 0.116kg

According to the label, this part is produced by Unick.


You can find the text on the solenoid valve.

Some more detail photos :

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I heard that totally 8 solenoid valves are installed to complete solenoid assembly.

auto transmission solenoid valve에 대한 이미지 검색결과

(Photo from website : https://www.embedded.com/print/4011137)

I’m not sure if the above photo is a proper example.

Anyway referring to the part 46313 3B665,

46313 3B600 – 1ea

46313 3B665 – 3ea

46313 3B675 – 1ea

46313 3B673 – 2ea

46313 3B030 – 1ea

Those 5 part numbers are moving together.

But I still have not received any orders of 46313-3B673 yet.