463133B675 VALVE-SOLENOID 46313-3B675 /Hyundai YF Sonata Hybrid

Net weight without any packages : 0.101kg

Net weight with plastic package : 0.103kg

Gross weight with box : 0.115

Before below numbers were sold,

463133B070 (Hyundai TG Grandeur)

=>463133B670 (Hyundai Sorento R)

=>463133B672 (Hyundai TG Grandeur)

=>But not only 463133B675 (Hyundai YF Sonata Hybrid) is available.

This solenoid valve is also produced by Unick

More detailed photos:

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I was so much wondering where to put solenoid valves and harness so I checked YouTube. (Everyone knows, Google and YouTube are really super… you can find everything)

Thank  to “ProProjects” for this video.

I won’t fix transmission by myself but now I understood where the transmission, solenoid valves and harness are located and how it’s hard to fix it.

In this video, “ProProjects” fixed electronic parts of harness, but I think most of repair shops just exchange with new one. Don’t they?